Virtual Earth Resident Bio

Virtual Earth Resident Bio

Some days, I truly feel like a mad scientist! Virtual Earth Resident is my avatar for this digital realm. She embodies me as the metahuman projecting my creative (and kooky) spirit. I am the driving force behind all the content that is showcased here at Virtual Reality Animals online shop - the art and the tech.

I'm basically  an indie version of an animation studio in the making - wearing all the hats in roles normally distributed to a bunch of folks. No pity party here - I'm truly loving the learning experience!

I have a keen eye for innovation and a knack for implementing the latest technology It is my mission to provide customers with an exceptional viewing and shopping experience.

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Quick takes on me:

  • I am infinitely curious about people and processes
  • Gimme cartoons, NPR, PBS, Nat Geo and crime-forensics shows and I'll be out of everyone's way all day (laughsssssss)
  • I'm a tech geek and really into coding, spreadsheets, databases and mixed reality
  • I flinch more from seeing videos of people getting hurt (falling off bikes, etc,) than from watching a horror flick
  • 101 Dalmatians is my absolute favorite animated movie (I should get a Guinness record for # of times watched!)
  • Seeing how something is done does not satisfy me, I seek to know WHY I need to do whatever it is to achieve the goal
  • Animals are the innocents, I believe humanity must balance our needs and protect them from harm
  • I am fearless; if an alien rocket tears through the roof in my presence, panic takes a backseat as I execute next moves
  • I embrace perceived imperfections in art and people that make each of us uniquely different, valuable and worthy of respect
Authentic in Spirit & Deeds,

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    16 years as a Resident in virtual worlds
    Licensed Developer for Apple App Store and Google Play