About Virtual Conservation LLC

About Virtual Conservation LLC

Virtual Reality Animals is a branch of my design and development studio, Virtual Conservation LLC, which develops mixed reality projects. I got the VRA name after waking from a dream that I could not even recall the details of, so I just hopped onto the computer and reserved the name, not even knowing where the idea was headed. Months later the ideas began to flow, but it has taken many years to bring them to life! 

Virtual Conservation LLC. embodies my mission to spread awareness about embracing sustainable practices for a more harmonious world for both mankind and wildlife. My main focused project is about saving wolves from extinction - Anihowls™ which are fantasy characters I created as digital assets to be used in apps and virtual worlds. Included is a concern for the preservation of wildlife habitats for all animals.

I'm exploring ways to harness the power of digital entertainment to inform and rally the general public, while simultaneously endorsing the hard work of people in organizations who fight every day to make the world a better, more balanced and healthier place for humanity and all living things.

My projects stem from my infinite curiosity. A childhood fascination with cartoons and animation (Disney's original film '101 Dalmatians' is my fav to this day!) inspired me to do more than just enjoy the viewing - I wanted to know HOW it was done! So it has been a natural progression for me to learn and practice everything I can get my hands on about video production, audio editing and digital development - how to sculpt from digital clay, paint textures onto objects, rig objects (put bones in for movement), pose and animate 3D characters, write scripts and produce content. 

The animals you see on my product pages are custom characters I have re-imagined by design (real design work, none are AI generated). They are the featured stars in soon-to-be-released projects I am developing for mobile platforms (apps on the App Store and Google Play Store) and for virtual worlds (digital assets). 

I've spent 16 years as a resident in virtual worlds, particularly SecondLife (R). Virtual Earth Resident is my business Avatar that helps protect my personal privacy while genuinely engaging with others. Just know that there is a real heartbeat, a real person, fueling everything you see.