Milestones and Inspirations

Milestones and Inspirations

Quite honestly, I've never thought of myself as an 'artist' until October 2023. By that time I had been deeply immersed in a self-learning journey to teach myself everything about developing my own characters for... (wait for it)... nearly 10 years! Yeah, that long (laughs). I was 7 years into the process before I developed my own wolves that met my vision for unique never-before-seen characters. Photo below shows the Anihowls in 2022, prior to working on more realistic eyes and coats.

Anihowls Wolves in Development circa 2022

It all kind of started when a company took a suggestion I made for a new version of a breedable product I was already using in the virtual world of Second Life (R), developed the product exactly as I suggested (shape, breed, colors, sounds, animations) and didn't say NADA. It launched with wide adoption and is still in use today. That was in 2013. Made me kind of glad that I hadn't given up even more ideas.

After a discussion  with a dear friend in the virtual world about my dismay and other ideas I'd like to see evolve, our brainstorming led to me taking action. I decided that I'd just make my own new and improved digital asset.

Fast forward a bit and after some skilled associates and a few paid contractors failed to grasp my vision, I said SCREW IT - I'M REALLY GONNA MAKE IT MYSELF. Uh huh. Mercy (sighs). Didn't realize what I was getting into, but once the seed was planted, I was all in. Thus, 10 years, 4 computers, thousands of hours learning and practicing, and thousands of dollars later, I'm about 75% along the way to a very big goal that has taken lots of twists and turns. Ultimately, I want to Animate short movies using my own animal and human characters. 

To date, only a few friends and family have viewed my work. Now that I've finally gotten my characters in good working form and am able to pose them, seems a great time to see if any of these crazy creations appeal to the public. By now, the creation process is so deeply ingrained, I'll continue doing this for the sheer joy it brings me (smiles).  The next phase will be making animated 3D movies. 

If you've read this far, wow (smiles). I am honored by your presence in the Virtual Reality Animals online shop and appreciate your interest. I hope that my work makes you smile.

For Dreamers, please believe... anything is possible  if you find joy in doing it. I am proof!

Anihowls Wolves pups scene winter den with cardinal

p.s. My Boo (husband) takes photos as a hobby. I have incorporated several of his real life photographs into my Art (cardinals, the moon, geese, etc.).  Takes realism and our partnership to another level - lucky me!

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