Craving a French Bulldog almost got me SCAMMED!

gray and white french bulldog puppy with big blue eyes

It was during the start of the covid pandemic in 2020 that I found myself unexpectedly at home, like so many others. With time on my hands during the first few weeks, I was internet surfing a lot. In my searches, I happened upon quite a few advertisements for French Bulldog puppies and thought, 'Wow. This is the perfect time to do this!". So, off I went in hot pursuit, determined to get one of those adorable Frenchies to call my own. 

Researching the Breed

I spent quite a few days and hours researching the breed, Googling photos and following links to sites that claimed to have French Bulldog puppies for sale. Low and behold, I stumbled onto a site offering a couple of the cutest Frenchie pups I could hope for and they were half price (Yay!). Or, so I thought. Read on...

The website looked so professional. It had what you would expect - photos and details and even videos of sweet French Bulldog puppies - furry balls of joy to adopt, for a price. The seller claimed to have been impacted by the pandemic (believable) and selling off the latest litter of pups at half price to offset expenses. Not that I cared about their intent - this was all about ME finding the ideal solution to my craving for a Frenchie and achieving the goal at a great price. 

Doing Research on the Breeder

I was in the throes of excited obsession, picturing myself cuddling with my sweet new companion pet, as if it were a done deal! But, I'm not one to throw my money into the wind, so I wanted some assurances that this was a legit deal. I started communicating with the seller via email, then requested a phone number, did some research on the address listed, tried to find reviews and I started to get a little suspicious.

WARNING Signs - Pushed to Venmo Money

The seller's responses to my emails and texts were typical 'upselling' tactics and when I demanded a current photo of him holding the pup with an up-to-date periodical visible, things got weirdly silent. It was as if... he could not just reach out and touch a puppy he claimed he possessed (hmmmm). Yet he was pushing me via texts to Venmo money to him urgently before another buyer claimed my preferred Frenchie pup, and then he would "fly the puppy to my location with a Nanny for delivery". Say what?! Yeah, RIGHT!!! Just didn't make any sense since the flight expense would be as much or more than the doggie and the seller claimed it was included in the price. Not even a little bit realistic.

Recognizing a Puppy Scammer

That pretty much corked the bottle on my mission to own a French Bulldog puppy, and raised my awareness about the abundance of scams out there to rip off the Frenchie loving public. The seed of desire was still there, but my apprehension about having almost lost my hard earned money to a scammer was ultra high. 

So I looked at the situation as a blessing for not having been duped and deeply reflected on the reason why things happened as they did. My desire for possession had fueled my intent. That feeling is what makes a person vulnerable to scammers. They push all your buttons to raise that level of 'wanting' until the targeted victim gives up on logic and just goes for it with hopefulness. 

Closing Thoughts

The key takeaways to remember are to research the breed and seller, always be sure to double check the address, request a current photo, and never rush a purchase. When we see something that we really desire, it’s important to step back and assess the situation to be sure that it’s a legitimate transaction. Also remember to never send money through apps which do not trace transactions, without any documents or direct communication with the seller.

It’s important to want something and go for it, but also to prioritize safety and security. If you take the right precautions and follow the right steps, you can make sure to ward off any scammers while still having the chance to make a legitimate purchase. 

p.s. Do I still crave a Frenchie? You bet! But I decided to create my very own animated companion that I'll play with anytime I want via augmented reality :)