Fun New Feature: View in Augmented Reality!

Fun New Feature: View in Augmented Reality!

This was really complicated to pull off, but... I DID IT. Now, you can preview a showcase of several items here on Virtual Reality Animals in "augmented reality". 

What is it? Well, it's technology that let's you place an item 'as if' it actually exists in the real world. Put a pillow on a sofa to see how it will look |  Rez a blanket to drape over your bed just to see how it might appear. 

Cool as that is, the real fun is actually in getting the process down-pat (laughs). It really is loads of fun to generate the 3D product in your own space and figure out how to move it around to exactly where you want it. Hint... restart the experience when you move too far away and item disappears. 

It's a Free activity (doesn't cost anything but time) and as I said, it really is a lot of fun to do. Share it with family and friends. Actually... you might even need their input (I'm a techy and hubby had to help me spin with finger moves, lol). 

Look at the Werewolf Cat Lumbar Pillow, or Tiger Sphynx Cat and Dog Pillowcases, or Wolf Pups with Crows Blanket for the link to view products LIVE in your very own space. Super FUN in 3 easy steps!

  1. Use your smartphone or iPad to scan the QR code on product pages.
  2. Walk to the physical location where you want to project the 3D version.
  3. On the web page, tap the "View in AR" button

Here's the video announcement of this cool new feature. I hope you like it: