Fantasy Creations at the Edge of Realism

Fantasy Creations at the Edge of Realism

What you see on the pages of Virtual Reality Animals are fantasy versions of real life animals. I re-imagined their shapes, colors and even environments!

My art is at the 'edge of realism' on purpose. My characters are 'virtual' species that were born in my mind, shaped using digital software, then brought to ‘life’ with poses and displayed on real world objects.

My characters have been developed with exaggerated features  - think of Tweety Bird (a beloved character owned by Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., all rights reserved by the company). Tweety has a really BIG head but we all know he represents a canary!

Following my own moral compass, I have developed characters that are fictional, yet recognizable as the species they most closely resemble. 

I chose to make fantasy versions of animals to avoid providing any visual content to scammers. Their dark world practice of stealing photos off the internet and claiming they are real in their quest to fool people out of money is yucky. I want no parts of that type of activity. 

My characters are NOT generated by artificial intelligence, they were truly molded by my mind and hands into visual and digital assets.

That being said, improved technology in the field of artificial intelligence (known as AI) has some very real risks, as well as benefits. As consumers witnessing the blurred lines between reality and the virtual realm, it becomes increasingly challenging to trust what we see and hear.  I do use AI to generate backgrounds that I then modify with my own touch to meet the vision I want to achieve.



A fair statement for my type of art is that it is 'realistic' with generous tones of fantasy :)

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